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organized drawers

“We are very grateful to Cindy Ross and The Work Organizer for assisting us in getting our offices organized. She helped turn around many situations which looked hopeless to us. In addition, she had some incredible ideas and suggestions to assist us in maintaining our newly organized areas*. We continue to work with Cindy Ross and continue to be very happy with the results.”
Hilary Rogers, Operations Manager at Guthy-Renker Corp.

* We turned old file cabinets into storage for gift wrapping items:

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Blackberry Pearl


If you don’t have a PDA (or have one other than Blackberry) and are thinking of getting one, I’d strongly consider this beauty.

I’ve been a PDA (personal digital assistant) user for over 14 years and just recently switched over to Blackberry Pearl. The technology is extremely intuitive, the texting is predictive and the software is stable, tried and true.

Why carry a bulky laptop around with you when you can get it all in:

  • 4.2″ (Length)
  • 1.97″ (Width)
  • .57″ (Depth)
  • Approximately 3.1 oz (Weight)

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Office Supply (Sept. 07)

Ativaâ„¢ DQ83M Diamond-Cut Shredder


What I like about this particular shredder is that it’s small and has a lip opening in the front to discard other recyclables. It’s also really affordable.

Make sure to shred your address from catalogs. Rip off the page with your personal info and shred it. Identity theft is a reality.


Monthly Mind Sharpener!

Sudoku supplied by Strictly Sudoku.

Organize Your Business!


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Practicing What I Preach…


It has been and will continue to be my aim to get better at organizing my life which, in turn, gives me the tools to help organize others. I can’t tell others to do something that I am not willing to do.

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