File Cabinet – Maintenance and Space

ORGANIZING is a living, breathing and ever-changing activity.  It requires maintenance and care.   It is not a one-shot, one-off, do it once and it’s done kind of thing. If we don’t stay with it, we fall behind, things slip away and the frustration kicks in.  We cannot afford to be stuck.

A HUGE PROBLEM: Lack of space is the dilemma. We’ve run out of desk surface, drawers, and our file cabinets are overflowing.  If there is no place for our things to go, there is no way we can grow.  Like a potted plant, it will only grow as big as the roots can go.  After that, it’s stuck.  Expanding our lives in business or personally REQUIRES and DEMANDS respect and attention.  All actions are born through thought.  Evaluating and re-evaluating get results.

A SOLUTION: PURGING ON A REGULAR BASIS is your key to peace of mind and a must ingredient for acquiring good habits that will increase your efficiency.

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What Is Your 911 Plan?

family.jpgHi Everyone,

Having lived through two mandatory evacuations in Southern California, here is a list of some things I now have AT MY FINGERTIPS in the event of an emergency. This list will vary with each individual and should be considered carefully for other important items and valuables. I suggest you spend some time and think this through – scan the rooms in your house. Mother Nature’s wrath is not something to be taken lightly – The recent Tea Fire in Santa Barbara ( is a good example of how things can change in an instant:

  • 911 File: Passport, insurance policies, investment papers, legal documents such as birth certificates, licenses, family papers etc.
  • Computer backups – PLEASE, make sure to have these within arms reach and that you know exactly where they are. If you don’t know – take care of that RIGHT NOW!
  • Photos (digital and authentic)
  • Wills and living trust documents
  • Jewelry and any antiques you love
  • Documentation of valuables
  • Spouse and family information and documents
  • Pre-packed travel kit
  • Bottled Water (keep some in the trunk of your car)
  • First Aid Kit

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Clear the Clutter – Eliminate Chaos

Clock on Files

It’s so easy to let it get out of hand; there’s so much to do.  We’d rather do anything than get organized, promising ourselves we’ll get to it — someday. But that day never comes, and before long we’re sitting in a heap of clutter — This is something I call Pile Crisis Syndrome©



Here’s how it happens (please excuse my direct approach:)



I don’t have enough time. I’m too busy. You’re not making enough time.
There’s nowhere to put anything. There’s a home for everything.
I’ll do it later (intentions). It’s our actions, not our intentions, that matter.
I don’t know how to organize. You can learn.

Clutter follows us into our cars, jobs, closets, desks, our relationships and every other area of our life.  It undermines our positive energy and causes stress that permeates our affairs from top to bottom.

We look around and see the mess — the piles of paper, clothing, disarray — and feel overwhelming anxiety, fear and frustration. What do these feelings create?  In most cases, denial, indecision and paralysis.

In addition, some of us have the challenge of living with limited space. We’re out of closet, desk, drawer and cabinet space and square footage, so the piles start growing everywhere.

It’s a common problem but often, quite solvable.

There are actions we can take to bring balance and serenity into our environment. Practice and patience is the mantra. Just as we manifest chaos, we can manifest order. What we think is what we are. All that’s required is a change of attitude and a little discipline, and you too can have the confidence to clear the clutter and make space for a more productive environment.

Here’s the caveat:  If you don’t have a file cabinet, please do yourself a favor and get one — a good one, don’t compromise. It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make.  Get one that’s well-built and has good drawer glides. Try them out and find one that feels good to you.

And remember, getting organized is a continual process. If you make it part of your daily routine, you’ll soon feel a sense of relief. Take it seriously, and before long both your life and your mind will no longer be cluttered.  Give yourself the lifestyle you deserve.

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