24/7 – Earth Day 2010

I work everyday on something – maybe a little, maybe a lot, but weekends are not JUST about relaxing though I do take advantage of my time.

Today, I have a proposal to work on, phone appointments, e-mails, and catching up in the office; then I can do what I want. 

Happy Earthday Everyone!

New Thoughts

This morning, I am on a course to get 2 of my clients under control by noon. That means sitting here, deliberately, AFTER I’ve had my coffee and have done my best to catch up on Facebook. I love playing Scrabble with my homies, but haven’t checked out ‘the scene’ for several weeks.

I spend a lot of time working on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter etc., updating for clients, but that doesn’t leave much room for me. So, this morning, I will allow myself to enjoy 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with ME, visiting The Real Blogger and other sites that will teach me more and more!

And as Edith Ann would say, “…and that’s the truthhhhhhh!”

Another Busy Day…

doing I don’t know what.  That’s how the day started.  I’d like to say I got out and did something but I was tethered to my computer all day.

Blogging first thing in the morning with my coffee, has helped me to stay on track.  Somehow, setting out on a course and then doing as I say I’m going to do helps to keep me focused and feeling good about my day.

Today, the day simply got away from me before I had a chance to post this lovely picture – is that one nice cup of joe or what?

I have 4 folders in my step file that I’ll be working on tomorrow.  More about that then.

Media Communications Team

All I can say is that in this age, we need team efforts. There is too much to be done all alone!

Yesterday I met with my 3 Board Sisters from AWC (Association for Women in Communications.)

Multi-faceted Amazing Women:
Amber Sims www.allstagesmarketing.com
Nancy Black http://www.mercurypress.com
Nancy Marriott http://www.nancymarriott.com

And the horses are on the track


Fully loaded day.  Their hoofs are scraping the gravel.
In the midst of a full day, this is the 1st anniversary of Gabriel’s death.  Gabriel was my husband’s 21 year old son that took his life a year ago today.  Not much can be said about the tragedy except just that; it is a tragedy.

After a full day of work, Michael, Julian, Lisa and I will go to the beach for a sunset walk.  Then we will have dinner together.


Life is a precious journey, not to be missed, but we will miss Gabriel forever.  With love.   http://www.independent.com/obits/2009/apr/21/gabriel-swain/

OMG! Monday A-go-GOOOO!

5:30a and my mind was already ticking.  I had to work hard, lying in bed, to slow down the thought process before getting up to make my coffee.  What a chore!

I am now sitting in front of my computer with a very full day.  This is a good thing and it’s the life I envisioned and have created for myself.  Having been in Entertainment’s corporate America for over 13 years, I now have a life lived without ONE master.  I have many masters – they are called my CLIENTS 🙂 and I am free to construct and arrange my work WITH my lifestyle.  This is the absolute beauty of being ones own boss.

That said, there are always commitments, deadlines, frantic e-mails and phone calls, and a plethora of responsibilities on a daily basis.  Today, my day has started with

1) Amazon issues regarding my music/UPC code and straightening that out – they have a call back number.  You simply enter your phone number and they call you back immediately, if you like.  So, what used to take hours, now takes about 10 minutes.  The problem is being solved.

2) Make Michael’s lunch – My husband JUST informed me that he’s leaving early… that means MY TIME is being rearranged.  So, I am off to do that right now….

3) I created a special “Favorite Folders” within Outlook for certain ‘follow up’ items.  Most of them are client related.  I have one client that needs my complete focus this morning and it’s all right there in a folder for me to work on.  As I take care of each item, an e-mail related to the task will be DELETED – Yeah!  Anytime I can delete something, I am happy. It’s the little things that thrill me.

4) Then onto a coffee and several other meetings this afternoon.

Gaaa gooo gooo