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I spent the last 5 days in Rancho Mirage working for 2 of my clients – who also happen to be my very close friends. It was an eye-opener as usual. When I travel away from my routine, I get to see in a new way. Linda Jeffers is my life coach and a fabulous photographer. We have known each other for almost 19 years and she’s seen me go from the Corporate World of Entertainment (www.warnerbros.com) to my journey as the Work Organizer.

Linda has a wonderful online central headquarters/hub Linda Jeffers which consolidates her:

1) Gottago’s Adventure site
2) Portfolio of Photography
3) Blog

Seeing her in action with her many passions inspired me to start anew, so here I am.

Working with my other friend Sandi (who I have known for 20 years,) also helps me to see in a new way. She is a jovial, lovely woman, and one of my closest friends that works her patooty off as a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Broker www.SandiGeisler.com

They are both ENERGIZER bunnies, I’m not kidding. Other than my Mom, I’ve never seen 2 women so active – EVER! My hats off to both of you fabulous women.

So my journey begins with my newest, latest blog!

Come on back – I’ll be giving great tips just FOR YOU!

Cindy Faith Swain
CPO, Chief Productivity Officer

Chaotic Brain? Want to Change?

 StressStaying on track is an ONGOING, DAILY EFFORT.The only way to GET ORGANIZED is to SYSTEMIZE. The only way to STAY ORGANIZED is to MAINTAIN those systems.  It’s a passion to encourage and support my clients through the tedious, laborious, and scary process of CHANGE.  No one wants to look at the mess and debris that has accumulated. BEING ORGANIZED is a lifestyle— my clients are stunned by the progress made in just a few hours—there is a sense of hope and relief that’s physically visible.


Whether you are:

  • An Entrepreneur and need help personally or administratively
  • Head of an Organization and need help personally or administratively with your staff
  • An Individual with a file cabinet jammed full or a desk piled so high with papers that you can’t think straight
  • A Business Professional in need of a THOUGHT PARTNER…

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*Business with less than 3 people; Santa Barbara County

Four Easy Steps for ‘How To’
Organize Your File Folders on Your Computer

My Documents

1. Step 1
Use the Windows-created “My Documents” folder as the “root,” or base level, folder for your documents.

2. Step 2
Create folders within the My Documents folder for the various categories of documents you work on, for example: Clients, Family, Photographs, and so on.

3. Step 3
Create sub-folders within the category folders, going as many levels deep as you need. For example, under Clients, you might want to have a sub-folder for each individual client; in the Photographs folder, you might have a folder each of your children or friends, with subfolders for each child, friend, and/or year.

4. Step 4
When you save documents, make sure to change the save location so they are filed in the appropriate folder.

Let The Work Organizer can help you to be more productive and effective in your business, … and your life!

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Managing Mail

Many of my newer clients have what I like to call ‘pile crisis syndrome©’ – It’s not pretty or necessary. Here are a few things you can do TODAY to stop this insanity:

  1. Use a letter openerEnvelopes mess
  2. Invest in a shredder
  3. Spend a few minutes each day OPENING AND LOOKING at your mail
  4. THROW OUT envelopes unless they contain time sensitive and/or legal documents (don’t stuff papers back into the envelope)
  5. Shred and recycle what you don’t want immediately – make sure to shred or ‘black out’ address information
  6. Flatten papers
  7. Get a step file
  8. Start file folders with the following headers


  • Immediate ActionStep File
  • To File
  • To Do
  • To Read
  • Taxes
  • Projects
  • Credit card / Applications

To GET & STAY organized, call 818.599.1365


Combat Paper Chaos – Mission Possible

  • It’s possible to fix the messThe_Screamer
  • It’s possible to learn to organize
  • It’s possible to attain harmony
  • It’s possible to enjoy spare time
  • It’s possible take control…

Take 30 minutes this week and sit with one of your paper piles.  Toss, file, or put papers into a “To Do” folder.

If you’re unable to file things away, I would guess:

a) You don’t have a file cabinet,
b) your file cabinet is difficult to open,
c) your file cabinet is so full, that you won’t even deal with it.

There is a solution.  You can start by understanding that people who are organized are that way because they work at it.  Organizing is an activity and a task that needs to be scheduled and tended to in some way, each and every day.

The Work Organizer can teach you how to be productive in your business and your life.  We have undeniably effective techniques and systems to increase your productivity and reduce your stress.

In this sluggish economy, NOW is the time to combat the chaos.  Be ready for the upswing.



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