November Gratitude

Karin Shelton Santa Barbara Art

Artwork by Karin Shelton (Santa Barbara County Artist)

My Thanksgiving Gratitude

I don’t normally do this but I love Thanksgiving and once a year, I like to express my gratitude.

Every autumn, when the light of day shifts and the smell of wood burns around town, I’m reminded of my tremendous gratitude for being born in a great country, where freedom reigns and where I’ve been blessed with family, friends, the love of my life (Michael), his sons, Gabriel and Julian, and my two cats Eno and Smidget:

Michael and me

The Bean


I thank my clients for giving me the opportunity to work with them. It’s a privilege to be invited into their lives to help them become more productive and effective in their businesses. So many of us are born without the organizing and discipline genes!

I thank the internet for being an unlimited source of knowledge and information and for all the people that contribute freely and passionately.

I thank those who have helped me along the way to develop my presence on the web (Wayne Marshall, Betsy Berlin, John Brennan, Greg Wiley).

Tech Talk: One Laptop Per Child

David Pogue is a Technology writer for the New York Times – he’s funny and very informative. My very excellent friend and hiking extraordinaire Linda Jeffers told me about his site and I want to share it with you.

David Pogue

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Reducing Clutter with a Desktop Organizer

Is your desk a mess?

If so, let’s start with something simple: This Rotating Desk Organizer

With this ‘one stop’ organizer,  eliminate clutter on your desk. Put things like scissor, ruler, nail file, paper clips, pens, pencils, post-it’s etc. in contained compartments. You’ll never have to wonder where your scissor; you’ll have immediate access to things you need.

Get help when you need it:




Personalized Brain Training – Grown up FUN

Take a break for a few minutes each day and give your brain a chance to decompress and recalibrate:

Mind puzzle October 07


Gift Wrapping – Organizing

organized drawers

“We are very grateful to Cindy Ross and The Work Organizer for assisting us in getting our offices organized. She helped turn around many situations which looked hopeless to us. In addition, she had some incredible ideas and suggestions to assist us in maintaining our newly organized areas*. We continue to work with Cindy Ross and continue to be very happy with the results.”
Hilary Rogers, Operations Manager at Guthy-Renker Corp.

* We turned old file cabinets into storage for gift wrapping items:

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Blackberry Pearl


If you don’t have a PDA (or have one other than Blackberry) and are thinking of getting one, I’d strongly consider this beauty.

I’ve been a PDA (personal digital assistant) user for over 14 years and just recently switched over to Blackberry Pearl. The technology is extremely intuitive, the texting is predictive and the software is stable, tried and true.

Why carry a bulky laptop around with you when you can get it all in:

  • 4.2″ (Length)
  • 1.97″ (Width)
  • .57″ (Depth)
  • Approximately 3.1 oz (Weight)

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