April 7th – Speaking – Spring Cleaning – Clearing the Clutter

Lori Cooper, Juli Shulem and Yours Truly, are speaking on a panel – Hosted by Women in Communications – Santa Barbara chapter.

Click on invite to see the invitation. Hope you come!


Pareto’s Law – 80/20 rule

Follow the 80/20 way:
Stay focused on the 20% that matters. Those tasks in the 20% very likely will produce 80 percent of our results. Thus, it’s critical that we identify and focus on those things. When the “crisis of the day” begin to eat up precious time, remind yourself of the critical 20% you need to focus on. If anything in the list of activities and action items has to fall by the wayside – left undone – be sure it isn’t listed in that critical 20 percent.

Some Ways to Keep Up With Your Day

1) Eat
2) Drink Water
3) Pause for a few minutes
4) Make lists during the day to see if you’re on-track
5) Go the the bathroom when you THINK of it!
6) Review your list / calendar at the end of the day
7) Carry over the loose ends from today which you didn’t finish
8) Merge the loose ends with tomorrow and re-prioritize
9) Get up a little earlier in the morning
7) Start tomorrow

If there is too much on your plate, you are bound to feel frustrated. You will see it when you review your list. Try to see what might be a more long-term plan / ‘back-burner’ task that you can get to over the weekend or later in the week, month, year.

Be Wary of Gadgets in Blogger!

As my new best friend Chuck says, … “Be very careful with third party software!”… Now, I am not always sure that I’m using third prarty software. It seemed safe; I got the ‘gadget’ from the Blogger site! But, I am now absolutely sure to read up on a gadget, either through Blogger.com or Google/search engine.

THE MAN of the hour: www.nitecruzr.net: Chuck knows his stuff! Thank you for a relatively simple solution to what seems a horrible invasion of privacy. You’re on my hit list!


Sunday – DAY OFF!

To the store to do a return, then to the gym, and then finally, for my first time, going to the Granada for SB Symphony Orchestra. They are performing Barber’s Adagio for Strings today! The post-it’s are going onto a paper list tomorrow. Lots of things to do this week. More about that on Monday. It’s my rest day.

Organizing Saturday ‘To-Do’s’

I have 4 post-it’s stacked in front of me on my desk this morning – things that came up yesterday that I need to get to before the end of the weekend; mostly computer related tasks for clients, organizations I belong to, and some phone calls to return.

When I am working at my desk, I never let anything ‘slide’ that needs to be tended to. If the best I can do is grab a post-it and jot it down quickly, then that’s what I do. I don’t want all those little notes jammed up my head!

One of the most important things on my desk is this:

I don’t think I could live without it. It’s anchored so when I’m on the phone, I only need one hand to pull the paper. I don’t have to tweak my neck out putting the phone between my shoulder and cheek. It’s alway there ‘by my side.’ One of my best desk-partners.

Once the tasks are complete, the post-its go IMMEDIATELY into the recycle bin.

Get to those to-do’s today!