Clean Up & Rejuvenate

This is possible.

We can show you how. If you are in Santa Barbara, in 3 hours, we will give you a personalized roadmap towards being ORGANIZED.

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Luis Alberto Spinetta & Charly Garcia – Viva Argentina!

I love this song:  “Rezo por Vos”, “Prayer for You” written by Luis Alberto Spinetta (also covered by Charly Garcia/Mercedes Sosa). This version is wonderful. You can also check out Mercedes Sosa’s version from Alta Fidelidad.

Clutter Busting!

Special offer: 3 hours for $180*

Good through May 1, 2019.

Hi Everyone,

If you’re a small business or an individual that’s overwhelmed with your office, computer and paper files, e-mails, and pending matters… get to put you on a clutter-free diet.

We have a three faceted approach:

  1. Create a plan of action
  2. Take the action and do homework
  3.  Have the free and happy life you deserve



In a 3 hour session, OrganizerSB
can help turn your office into a functional and productive workspace.

Special offer: 3 hours for $180*

Good through May 1, 2019


2018 Bee Hear Now

Boaring tails of knew years resolve. No, I won’t do that to you. But, I hope to make this year one of change, attitude adjustment, purging, BEING.

I hope for you a great and productive new year.

The End.

Curve balls and life transitions…

aunt-joyce-matchesLIFE THROWS CURVE-BALLS; an unexpected death, a forced move, health issues, nursing homes, assisted living… Since I first wrote this article, my Aunt Joyce has passed away.
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