Photoshop Tip: Blurring a Background

Today, I was looking for a way to take this photo:

And turn it into this:

I searched online.  I watched 2 youtube videos and scratched my head, wondering if I have a learning disability.  So, I thought I’d try something unique and found a text article by this terrific writer Lesa Snider.  She explains things in a way I can understand, which is no easy feat.  I am quite content with the results.


For more about Lesa, check out her website:>

Do you have a favorite Photoshop tip?

One by one and things get done

organizing_clutter_garageClipboard013 copyBen was a inventor, author, signor of the Declaration of Independence, and so much more. He has inspired me in many ways. I’ve been organizing individuals and businesses for over 10 years. There is one thing for certain; an organized workspace makes for an organized and quiet mind. This picture was taken at a clients’ office. She actually had plenty of space which is a nice thing to have, but she didn’t know how to best utilize the space. We rearranged everything, top to bottom; from the closets to the desk and other working surfaces. It took us one full day, 8 hours to get it done. I help her every 6 months or so to stay on top of the incoming and outgoing chaos. Once a foundation is established, quarterly and / or bi-annual ‘check ups’ are essential for long term peace of mind. The process is quite simple; we just have to start. One paper at a time… One file at a time… One pen at a time. If I have any task that looks like it will require lots of time, I will procrastinate because I am afraid that there is ‘no way’ to ever get it all done. But if I just do the next indicated thing, little by little, one paper by one paper, one task by one task, and don’t let those thoughts race through my brain, things get done. They get organized. All I’ve ever wanted was peace of mind. When clutter takes over, my brain is not free. This is what I have learned and what I pass on to clients. I have never had a client that wished they hadn’t worked with me, ever. It costs less than a 1.5 hour massage and will last a lot longer, like years longer and ultimately will have you living longer. ORGANIZING SPECIAL FOR SANTA BARBARA COUNTY:

What’s the one area that in your office that needs an overhaul?

Freelancers and Procrastination

I can’t say this any better – CLICK for article:

Getting rid of stuff

Who wants to leave a mess for their family and kids to clean up? Though this is not a fun topic, it is a good idea to have your things in order, particularly in the event of ‘the inevitable’. Your family and kids will appreciate it and you will feel good about it. It’s called peace of mind.
clutter, clean-up, mess, saving_money

After 3 years of paying a high rate for climitized storage, my client was finally at her wits end and decided to purge, consolidate, and clearly mark boxes. All of these boxes, front and center, are ready for the shredder*. Between this and the trash, we were able to get rid of 1/3 of what was in the unit. Not only was she able to get a smaller unit, we found a facility much closer to her home and for 1/2 the price.

She saved money, got to feel free, and now knows that what’s in there is needed and necessary for her to keep.

It is truly amazing – her story is pretty typical. We hold on to many things we don’t need. Regular spot checks of belongings goes a long way in keeping a free spirit.

I practice what I preach – give yourself a break, and call: 805.455.4577 or

Makes a wonderful gift too!

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*This place is great: Total Shredding

Slow Motion Peonies

Peony flower / timelapse from munich timelapse on Vimeo.

You’re Not Alone

Get your clutter clean in 2013.
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