Holiday Statistics 2013

Ever wonder who’s buying what for the holidays?  Here are some shopping statistics.


Update on Recycling – Santa Barbara

Milk, soup cartons and juice boxes are now recyclable in your blue bin! Read More

Organize Santa Barbara – Yeah!

For the price of a massage, I can have an organizer and get my desk, office, closet, work space, business organized.  Hmmm.  What will give me LONG TERM peace? $135 for 3 hours through end of 2013!

Tel:805-455-4577  –


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Search Engine Optimization

This brief 6 minute video is about Search Engine Optimization; helping you get found on the web. Organize SB can handle all of your eMedia publishing needs, from building or refreshing your website, to generating graphics, designing your eBooks etc.  We work with local Santa Barbara strategic partners such as Taylor Reaume at to get you found on the web.  Click here to get 5 quick SEO tips.

Take a few minutes and check out this video on SEO. is offering a 7 day trial.  Learn something new now! is located in my hometown of Santa Barbara and adds a great dimension to our community.  Click below to start your trial.

7-day free trial

Is your clutter creeping you out?

OrganizeSB - Oct 2015Do you have PROCRASTINITUS? It’s so easy to let it get out of hand; there’s so much to do. Most of us promise ourselves we’ll get to it someday, but that day never comes, and before long we’re buried in clutter. This is something I call Pile Crisis Syndrome©. For the price of a massage… Read More

Free Electronics Recycling in Santa Barbara & Central Coast


Here are some electronic items the our local recycling centers take:

  • Computers, laptops, monitors
  • TVs
  • Stereosrecycling santa barbara
  • Microwaves
  • Cables, cords
  • All Phones
  • Tape, disk, hard drives (data will be appropriately destroyed)
  • DVD’s and VCRs

“E-waste”, includes all devices that require electricity to operate. If it plugs in, charges up, or takes batteries, it’s considered e-waste when it breaks.

Click below for information and a complete list of Recycling locations from
tangled lights