PILE CRISIS SYNDROME©: Don’t let it run you life.

You may suffer from “PILE CRISIS SYNDROME©” – Get help now!

 It’s not pretty or necessary. Here are a few things you can do TODAY to stop this insanity:

Fires, Earthquakes, Disasters: Are You Prepared?

I’ve been in 2 mandatory evacuations.  Experience tells me that there’s nothing like being prepared. Though we can’t always project the outcome, we can be prepared for an emergency.

Here are some essentials to have on hand now:

  • Emergency crank radio with cell phone charger
  • Flashlights in every room
  • Candles
  • All size batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc.)
  • A case or two of bottled water
  • Protein crackers, powerbars, turkey jerky etc.
  • A propane camping burner
  • Trimline Telephone – this phone does not require electricity. Like the ‘olden’ days, the phone wire plugs right into the wall – and in the event that you can’t get cell reception and the phone lines are operating, this is a very affordable option.
  • Emergency kit (Click for more info on what items should be in the kit.)
  • CLICK HERE for a list of suggested personal items to have ready to go in an emergency situation.





I’m an organizer, that’s true. However, until I was forced to vacate my property, I had no idea what was in store for me. I learned that day what it meant to be prepared. CLICK HERE for a list of suggested personal items to have ready to go in an emergency situation.

In the recent July Santa Barbara GAP fire, the entire city was dark. If you didn’t have a flashlight, you probably had a difficult time since we had hours of nightly power outages. By now, you probably know if you were prepared or not.
If you are a disaster victim of the recent Tea Fire, in need of help, please call:


The Work Organizer, Helping You Work Smart, Not Hard


818.599.1365 – Cindy@TheWorkOrganizer.com


Click Here for tax information for those affected by the S. California fires.


Increase Efficiency, Eliminate Clutter, Decrease Stress


15 Minutes a Day – Clutter Remedy

If you give yourself 15 minutes to follow this de-cluttering plan, you’ll soon see and feel a big difference. Just remember, the aim is progress, not perfection. If you envision your life clutter-free, it will become a reality. Close your eyes and relax. Think about your space and how you’d like it to look: colors, textures, scents, style.  Envision an abundant and simplified life, then set aside time for the following:

1) Five minutes to open mail. Scan and decide to either
a) take action
b) file it or
c) shred and recycle

 If you don’t have files, make them now. Don’t put papers back into envelopes.

2) Five minutes to organize your clothes. Hang, fold, ‘hamperize’ and put them away.

3) Five minutes for clutter maintenance: It doesn’t matter how big the piles of clutter are, just take on one paper at a time off the top of the pile and deal with what you can for five minutes. Just start somewhere. The fact that you’re doing this will evoke confidence and satisfaction.

Organizing generates life balance. Balance generates open-mindedness. Open-mindedness creates space in our heads and hearts. Space makes room for new ideas and experiences to enter our lives. Getting and staying organized is what this organizer wishes for you.

The Work Organizer – Helping You Work Smart, Not Hard
818.599.1365 – cindy@theworkorganizer.com

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