Treating Socks with Respect!

I am a little nutty about my socks –  you could call me a sock fanatic. Until recently, I had tried every-which-way to  organize my socks without success.  Seems easy enough – I mean, it’s just socks, right?

I’ve tried lumping them, rolling them, folding them, stacking them and they all look good at first, but within days, my drawer is a mess again.


And then I found this drawer organizer.  It has eight snap-together pieces to create up to 32 compartments. Now my drawer looks like this:
Socks organizer, Socks organizing


Because I have over 32 pairs of socks, some of them had to be rolled side by side, and they fit snuggly and stay in place.  As I use a pair, I move the ones that are doubled up in the back to the empty spots.  I just love the way it looks – pleases my eyes and keeps it looking clutter free and organized.

These separators can be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond for just under $10.

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