Organize Santa Barbara – Yeah!

For the price of a massage, I can have an organizer and get my desk, office, closet, work space, business organized.  Hmmm.  What will give me LONG TERM peace? $135 for 3 hours through end of 2013!

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4 Comments on “Organize Santa Barbara – Yeah!

  1. What a great way to put this into perspective. Surely a massage is relaxing, but it won’t last as long as knowing you can have your things organized for the long run.

    • Tis true Lisa. The act of organizing in itself is not necessarily relaxing but having a professionals’ help makes the ‘chore’ less daunting and the after-effects are magnificent and peaceful.

  2. Thanks Calla. It is indeed. I can get through a lot of “stuff” with a client in 3 hours and they sure feel good after!

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