‘How To’ – Checking E-mail

Cindy Grand Can

Hi Everyone,

Currently, I have 8 messages in my Inbox and 4 in my Outbox. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, I keep my e-mail box clean at all times.

I suspect some of you have hundreds of opened and unopened e-mails you intend to get to. Intentions do not get us to the promised land. An unfulfilled intention can exacerbate our stress level and undermine our good thoughts.


1 Spend 10 minutes each day to deal with e-mail. I like to do this first thing in the morning and throughout the day as needed (with my Blackberry).
2 Delete all junk mail immediately.Highlight the e-mail (in list view), then hold down the shift and delete keys. This will PERMANENTLY delete the e-mail – it will bypass your ‘Deleted Items’ folder. Get in the habit of this and you will keep your deleted items folder from filling up too. This will definitely help to keep your computer clean and free of viruses.
3 Respond ASAP. a) Keep your response e-mail in your Outbox until there is resolve. Delete the ‘Incoming’ message since it’s now in your Outbox – If it requires further action, put it in your calendar for follow up as well. I use my Outbox to keep follow-up items fresh in my mind b) Delete or file (depending on importance) e-mail. Don’t let it sit indefinitely – PAUSE and think about it. If you don’t have a filing system, start one.




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