Is Your Brain Out To Get You?

Okay, so you are having a slow day… like me. It’s raining, I’ve lit a candle and I’m listening to my Afro Celt Sound System radio station on Pandora.

Now, what about that brain of yours; is it giving you a hard time during hard times? Is your brain out to get you?

If so, here are several things you can do to BE productive:

1) Catch up on all the scanning that you have been putting off
2) Take 15 minutes to organize and purge:
   * 1 pile
   * 1 paper file – purge and relabel
   * 1 computer file – see what you can purge
3) Catch up on social networking. Check status of your connections on LinkedIn, Twitter and friend 1 to 3 people on each.
4) Meditate for a few minutes – Try this virtual meditation clock:

For more information on how to be productive, go to:

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