Practicing What I Preach…


It has been and will continue to be my aim to get better at organizing my life which, in turn, gives me the tools to help organize others. I can’t tell others to do something that I am not willing to do.

I spent 12 years working at Warner Bros. I started in administration and worked my way up the ladder. By educating myself vigilently, I learned many computer programs from desktop publishing to database management and started saving the company money. By thorough investigation and gathering of information, I progressed in my job. I was promoted five times in my career at WB and was given a tremendous amount of worldwide fiscal and management responsibilities. As my workload and responsibilities increased, I had a great deal to organize AND communicate to upper-management. Hence, my journey into organizing – I had to find ways of administrating and managing clients and sales executives overseas. I began to grow in ways I never dreamed of. In order to do the job right, I realized it was an ONGOING, DAILY EFFORT. This is what I bring to the field of my professional organizing. Nothing stays the same – things are always changing. The only way to GET ORGANIZED is to SYSTEMIZE. The only way to STAY ORGANIZED is by MAINTAINING THOSE SYSTEMS.

I love what I do; it’s a passion to encourage and support people through the very tedious and sometimes scary process of CHANGE. No one wants to look at the mess and debris that has accumulated. Organization is a lifestyle—the purpose is to set up systems that work for each individual’s particular needs. I assure you that every one of my clients has been stunned by the progress made in just a few hours—there is a sense of hope and relief that is physically visible.

Whether you are the head of an organization in need of organizing your staff, have a file cabinet jammed full or a desk piled so high with papers that you can’t think straight,

Give Yourself the Lifestyle You Deserve – You’re Worth It!


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