Good Riddance Clutter!

Special offer: 4 hours for $200*

Good through March

Hi Everyone,

I know many of you have small businesses and are overwhelmed with papers, e-mails, and pending matters.

Most people make piles, the piles get too big, the feelings of overwhelm set in and the cycle continues.

SOLUTION: Start a filing system and use it. If you don’t have these items, please do yourself a favor and give yourself the best gifts money can buy – your sanity. Click on any image to view items or start a cart with Office Depot.

Order a solid file cabinet in a size and depth that works for you. Get a label maker – a visually pleasing file system makes a difference. 3 tab hanging files and manila folders create room for easy to read labels.

Recycle papers you don’t need and SHRED the ones that have your name and address on them. Trust me, those credit card offers you keep saving in fear you’ll never get that offer again will come again next week and the week after! Get organized.


In a 6 hour session, The Work Organizer
can turn your office into a functional workspace.

Special offer: 6 hours for $325*

Good through February


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