So it goes, my day generally starts the same way … I get out of bed, get my foil covered heart on my coffee cup prepared by my sweetheart hubby and then go to my office.  Most of the time I am either glued to my computer or … I’m glued to my computer.  A large chunk of time is dedicated to working with clients virtually on graphic design, marketing, and website design. That’s where my  hat-changing professional career begins. Being in a place like Santa Barbara, I have the luxury of great weather, great friends and family, and an easy lifestyle.  With that also goes the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur – it’s a trade off for me.

I am very fortunate to have been a International Licensing Director at Warner Bros. for over twelve years. I got opportunities to travel from China to Brazil and many points in between, granting intellectual property rights to foreign publishers. It was fun, exciting, and I LOVED my colleagues. How lucky does a gal get?  With the job, came a lot of planning; fiscal budgeting, projections, and management of account executives throughout the regions of the world. I became very good at tracking progress through number crunching and administrative prowess. This lead to the skill sets that I have today.

The skills I have from that experience landed me in the world of consulting, organizing and administration as a sole proprietor. It was a natural fit for me to work with people in an administrative as well as marketing capacity. So hat-changing became a part of my daily life. With that, I had to become digitally savvy and really started delving into computers software, and understanding both Apple and PC platforms as well as all the handheld devices so that I could help my clients become efficient and effective in their daily lives.

I am constantly switching hats and it’s the way I like. Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Mammoth with a client that just purchased a condo there. She needed help with making decisions on design, construction, and thinking things through. I organized closets, stacked a 1/2 cord of wood that had been dumped onto the street, connected her web ready TV and got her connected to Netflix, Hulu etc… So, all in all, I do a little bit of everything.

And then, I’m a musician.

It’s always been difficult to explain what I do when people ask me, so I created a web-hub, www.CindyFaithSwain.com, which spells each entity out. I finally figured out that I have five business and they all works together.


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