Turn Your Mess Into Success

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I go on a journey WITH my clients from darkness to light. I help them achieve peace of mind and personal freedom through decluttering and organizing.

Whether you work in a corporation or are a small business owner, OrganizeSB can turn your piles into files and mess into success.

Don’t let clutter ruin your day and your life. Don’t let it deter you from what’s most important; your freedom and peace of mind.

Join the many pleased clients who’ve seen results after three hours.

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Tax Season De-Clutter Special

Saturday, March 1, 2008


(good through April 10, 2008)


If you are surrounded by clutter and don’t want to run or hide anymore, it’s time to call The Work Organizer.

We specialize in the business client, working to decrease your stress and increase your efficiency.


The result of being organized:

A reduction of piles and clutter
Ease in finding things
Relief and peace of mind
A more logical and methodical thought process

Schedule Now: 818.599.1365 – Cindy@TheWorkOrganizer.com

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