Sunday Shazaaam

It’s an overcast day, re-runs of Law & Order are playing behind me at  a very low volume, I’ve just about finished my latte 🙁 and my cat Smidget is sitting next to me watching the crows fly by.

Tis a wonderful morning to gather my wits.  There is a small pile of paper in front of me to tend to and then my desk and my brain will be clear.

My goal is always to leave this office in order – whether I have to leave for a meeting, errand, or switch tasks and/or course, there is no better way to feel good about the next move, than to have myself centered.  Yes, there are days when I have to leave this pile on my desk, but if it ever feels like it’s getting out of hand, lessening it becomes my TOP priority, and so it is, on this Sunday morning, top of tasks!

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