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Milk, soup cartons and juice boxes are now recyclable in your blue bin!
aseptic containers recycling santa barbara

shelf stable cartonrefrigerated carton

Aseptic containers are finally accepted as recyclable and can be placed in the BLUE RESIDENTIAL BINS!   Just make sure to empty and quickly rinse.

What can they be turned into?

Cartons are desirable for the fiber — that is, the paper.  It is high quality, long, bleached, virgin fiber.  That fiber can be used in several applications including tissue, towelling product, de-inked pulp and green building products such as wallboard.Some mills can recover plastic and aluminum as well, but not all.

What happens to cartons after they are collected?

After cartons are collected curbside, they are taken to a materials recycling facility to be sorted and baled. The bales of  recycled cartons are then shipped to paper mills, where cartons are mixed with water in a gigantic blender to extract all the paper fiber from the plastic and aluminum. The paper fiber is then ready to be used in making new products such as recycled paper products and even building materials.

For more information on Santa Barbara Recycling, go to: www.lessismore.org


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I actually had no idea about the knew update on recycling in Santa Barbara

    • Thanks Calla. Our Santa Barbara county and city have done a beautiful job on the web; the sites are just chocked with recycling information does and don’ts.

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