Garage Organizing: Before and After

We all have trouble staying vigilant.  All it takes to go off the beam is a couple of decisions ‘not to’ keep up with paperwork, laundry, or household chores.  Before we know it, things have piled up and it seems like there’s no hope to get it together.  Those couple of decisions are treacherous.  The problem is, we usually don’t realize the background noise which ceaselessly devours our peace of mind.

The overwhelm creeps up and then we realize that help is needed.  I often hear potential clients say, “I know I just need to do it, and I will as soon as I have time.”  This is the PROBLEM – believing you will do it.  What happens?  My potential clients usually become my clients after they’ve tried on their own and failed to find the time.

Stay tuned for my series of show and tell.  If you can relate, I feel your pain.  Tel:805.455.4577


Garage clean out         Car-garage

4 Comments on “Garage Organizing: Before and After

  1. Wow! A whole CAR fits in that garage?!! Who’d of thunk that’s what goes in there… Great work tackling what can be such a frightening and confoundingly messy space.

    Calla Gold

  2. SO TRUE! Things get so stressful so quickly. Micromanagement can be a life saver with this kind of stuff when done correctly. Unfortunately i’m sure like with most people (including myself!!) we just do not know where to start…

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