Before and After Video

Got procrastinitus? Check out before and after pictures with music by and played by me 🙂

Organizing Special: $135 for 3 hour session plus 1 hour follow up (Santa Barbara only)  805.455.4577

6 Comments on “Before and After Video

  1. This is not only a well-done video with perfect music, it is inspirational and I am very impressed with everything about it. You are amazing and I will refer you to anyone who needs help in this area!! WOW!

  2. If I had an office that was messy I’d definitely hire you to fix it up!

  3. The Before and After pictures are really impressive! When you said the music is played by you, does that mean you’re doing the singing? If so, I’m super impressed! That darn Procrastinitus is so widespread!


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