November Gratitude

Karin Shelton Santa Barbara Art

Artwork by Karin Shelton (Santa Barbara County Artist)

My Thanksgiving Gratitude

I don’t normally do this but I love Thanksgiving and once a year, I like to express my gratitude.

Every autumn, when the light of day shifts and the smell of wood burns around town, I’m reminded of my tremendous gratitude for being born in a great country, where freedom reigns and where I’ve been blessed with family, friends, the love of my life (Michael), his sons, Gabriel and Julian, and my two cats Eno and Smidget:

Michael and me

The Bean


I thank my clients for giving me the opportunity to work with them. It’s a privilege to be invited into their lives to help them become more productive and effective in their businesses. So many of us are born without the organizing and discipline genes!

I thank the internet for being an unlimited source of knowledge and information and for all the people that contribute freely and passionately.

I thank those who have helped me along the way to develop my presence on the web (Wayne Marshall, Betsy Berlin, John Brennan, Greg Wiley).

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