Four Easy Steps for ‘How To’
Organize Your File Folders on Your Computer

My Documents

1. Step 1
Use the Windows-created “My Documents” folder as the “root,” or base level, folder for your documents.

2. Step 2
Create folders within the My Documents folder for the various categories of documents you work on, for example: Clients, Family, Photographs, and so on.

3. Step 3
Create sub-folders within the category folders, going as many levels deep as you need. For example, under Clients, you might want to have a sub-folder for each individual client; in the Photographs folder, you might have a folder each of your children or friends, with subfolders for each child, friend, and/or year.

4. Step 4
When you save documents, make sure to change the save location so they are filed in the appropriate folder.

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