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HOW TO: File Cabinet Organizing

ORGANIZING is a living, breathing and ever-changing activity. It requires maintenance and care. It is not a one-shot, one-off, do it once and it’s done kind of thing. If we don’t stay with it, falling behind puts us on a disaster course, things slip away and the frustration kicks in and controls the way we feel. We cannot afford to be stuck!

THE PROBLEM: Lack of space is the dilemma. We’ve run out of desk surface, drawers, etc. and our file cabinets are overflowing. If there is no place to go, there is no way we can grow. Like a potted plant, it will only grow as big as the roots can go. After that, it’s stuck. Expanding our lives in business or personally REQUIRES and DEMANDS respect and attention. All actions are born through thought. Evaluating and re-evaluating get results.


1) PURGE ON A REGULAR BASIS: Your key to peace of mind and a must ingredient for acquiring good habits – this will increase your efficiency.

2) GET A SOLID FILE CABINET: Spend a little more than you might want to and get a well-built, solid unit. Find one that has inner-locking drawers. File cabinets come in several different depths, so consider your space when buying one. Standard depths are 22, 25, 26½, and 28 inches.

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