Give yourself 15 minutes to follow this time management / de-cluttering tip and you’ll soon feel a peaceful difference. Just remember, the aim is progress, not perfection. If you envision your life clutter-free, it will become a reality. Take a minute, close your eyes, and relax. Think about your space and how you’d like it to look: colors, textures, scents, style. Envision an abundant and simplified life, then set aside time for the following: 1) Five minutes to open mail. Scan and decide to either a) take action, b) file it or c) shred and recycle. If you don’t have files, make them now. Don’t put papers back into envelopes. 2) Five minutes to organize your clothes. Hang, fold, ‘hamperize’ and put them away. 3) Five minutes for pile maintenance: It doesn’t matter how big the piles of clutter are, just take on one paper at a time off the top of the pile and deal with what you can for five minutes. Just start somewhere. The fact that you’re doing this will evoke confidence and satisfaction. Organizing generates life balance. Balance generates open-mindedness. Open-mindedness creates space in our heads and hearts. Space makes room for new ideas and experiences to enter our lives. Managing your time for peace of mind is what this organizer wishes for you.

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