“We are very grateful to Cindy Faith Swain and The Work Organizer for assisting us in getting our offices organized. She helped turn around many situations which looked hopeless to us. In addition, she had some incredible ideas and suggestions to assist us in maintaining our newly organized areas. We continue to work with Cindy Ross and continue to be very happy with the results.” – Hilary Rogers, Director of Operations at Guthy-Renker Corp.

Cindy has helped to transform my life – I highly recommend her for any organization, event, or office projects. Thank you Cindy! – Kathleen Barry, PhD


Thanks for everything you did so tirelessly and relentlessly throughout our events… read more

“Thank you so much Cindy!” You improved my productivity by over 250%, it’s just amazing. Even my boss has noticed the difference in what I am able to accomplish in a day. It makes me happy knowing I’m being so efficient, all due to your help and support with turning my office into something that finally works!” – Wendy Bingham, VP Marketing and Technology at Academic Innovations

“Business management has been so much easier” since I met Cindy…… I’m more organized now!! Thank you Cindy for your professional help in getting me out of my clutter.” – Deborah Hutchison, Founder & President, Gutsy Gals

“Cindy Faith took a “hopeless” mess in my home office space and transformed it into a model of efficiency and beauty. I have worked with Cindy in the past at my workplace, where she organized my office into a highly productive space. To this day, almost a year later, I still follow her principles because they work so well. That’s why I hired her to work with me at home. Additionally, for those of you who don’t know, Cindy is a great brand developer and strategist, so don’t forget that either. I highly recommend Cindy.” – John R Volturo, SVP, Guthy-Renker

“I love how Cindy changed my space. She not only created space and order, she shifted the energy in the office. I love the clean surfaces; she’s really got a great eye for space. I’m looking forward to her return and working with her in the future. I believe she has a very special gift.” – Sandi Geisler – Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“I’m a 63 year old fairly organized, busy woman, who needed help staying on top of the clutter that accumulates from having a bit too much going on in my life. Cindy came to my home and we worked non-stop, morning to night, re-organizing 4 very large office cabinet files and cleaning up a number of cabinets. I now have file cabinets containing all newly labeled manila and hanging folders. I’m in heaven. It’s easy to see what I am looking for. I’ve noticed I’m filing those daily papers right away… no more big piles on top of my desk. I ‘m fairly organized to begin with so my cabinets and the garage looked very clean and organized already. Cindy came a second time and helped me see how I could move things around so that now, all like things are with other like things. I know where everything is! I can’t tell you how much time and frustration this is going to save me. I ‘m having Cindy back in a another couple of weeks to help me get my food re-supply boxes ready for a 2 month long backpack. My time is important to me. She saves me time and makes jobs fun and enjoyable, not to mention how much more interest I have in the day when I am more organized. Cindy’s helped organize me in all areas of my life.” – Linda Jeffers, Rancho Mirage

Marie Panec“Thank you Cindy for working on, contributing to, and supporting my campaign. I could never have done this without you – Cindy was an energetic source generating all the electronic communications (blog, mass-email, social media) … I appreciated Cindy’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and ideas. This campaign was definitely better because she was a part of it…” – Marie Panec, Democratic Candidate for Congress, District CA-24

Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV) – Class Room Teaching

Cindy brings order into chaos, balance into disorder and she does it with a positive, pleasant and encouraging attitude. I would recommend her services to anyone who felt as I did overwhelmed. She addresses issues individually, always keeping the overall project in mind. She is dependable, honest and reliable. – G. Hoyne

“For entrepreneurs of all levels, Cindy is an invaluable resource! Her tool box of web design, branding know-how, and information organization is time saving and affordable. In this age of information overload, let Cindy help you stand out from the rest without investing a fortune and without taking months to accomplish.” – Loretta Redd, PhD, Crisis Navigation Executive Coaching

I knew I needed to organize my home office for months, so I finally took the initiative, googled office organizer Santa Barbara and found Cindy Swain! She came to my home and within hours I had a whole new look and feel and within days I was making more sales. Cindy helped me remove the clutter that was keeping me from getting to my next level of success . I am happy to say I am well on my way now thanks to Cindy’s help! – Victoria DaCosta, RDH, SHC, CEO, SaluDent International, Inc.

“Cindy Faith made the dreaded task of sorting through old files and storage systems fun. She provided me with ideas for new simple systems for keeping my priorities clearly visible and to help me approach a clutter-free existence. She brainstormed ways of using the existing furniture and layout but modifying cabinets to create a more streamlined appearance. Cindy also helped me sell furniture I no longer needed and used the internet effectively to improve communication systems (including thousands of emails). Cindy helped me learn how to use SKYPE, helpful for clients and family that are otherwise difficult to see. Cindy understands that clutter can drag you down but that people are human and can get distracted. We all need user-friendly tools and systems to help each of us focus on what matters most. It’s clear that discipline and maintenance are necessary but I now have a wonderful infrastructure to keep paper moving into files or the trash, and to keep on top of my client work, marketing, and writing projects. If I don’t, it’s nobody’s fault but mine. One hour each Friday morning keeps me on top of things. I’d recommend The Work Organizer in a New York minute! – Lois Phillips, PhD, Communications Consulting

“Cindy Faith is true professional. She takes control of a situation and works swiftly and effectively. We collaborated on a successful organizing project at DeDominic and Associates that has enabled the business to flow smoother. – Patty DeDominic  

“…Cindy’s good humor and determination make all the difference in letting go of old patterns and ways of seeing space. After our initial planning session, we ordered materials and I left for 3 weeks in Europe, trusting that during my absence she would transform my work space into a place I’d be proud of – and she did!” – L. Phillips, PhD – Management Consultant and Author of ‘Women Seen and Heard

“Cindy the organizer is amazing! She vigorously set me straight in my new garage-office where I had been staring at the unopened boxes for weeks. Please come back, Cindy. We need to go to the next level!”- Grace Ressler, Publishing and Licensing Consultant

“Cindy is quite the ‘knowing’ one. She accurately predicted ‘home’ as a much bigger challenge than my office! My time with Cindy was so well spent… Since working with The Work Organizer, I wrote the biggest amount of business in one day earlier this week than I’ve ever done in a day before! Our office had the best October in our 15 year history as a State Farm agent. I KNOW that getting me unclogged made a big difference in helping that happen. Thanks Cindy!” – R. Petrick, State Farm

“Cindy Swain, ‘The Work Organizer’ has transformed my work space in such a short time and in doing so has really transformed the way I live my life. The systems she has helped me put in place in my office also work in my home. The efficiency and clarity of these systems have made a more peaceful and enjoyable space for me and my family to live in. Thank you Cindy!” – Trish and Mike Hecker, Coastal Tree Care & Stump Grinder Productions

“Now I can find what I am looking for without searching through stacks and stacks of papers. I highly recommend the Work Organizer.” N. Weinstein, M.D.

“For those of us in the world who are inundated with paper, paper and more paper and clutter in our professional and personal lives, Cindy has been sent from “up above” to organize the chaos in our life!”    – Jeffrey Diamond, Attorney at Law

“Cindy had a real hands on approach and made me start organizing right away. I could never find the motivation to do this stuff myself. I always felt far too overwhelmed.” – John McLean Allan, Stand Easy & Bagpipe Extraordinaire

“Cindy did a wonderful job in helping me to get organized (which was no easy task.) I am now able to find papers when I need them as well as being caught up on the computer. I will hire Cindy in the future.” – Dale Wire, Realtor

“You had better believe I’m very happy and am getting great reviews from my clients.” – A. Gassman, CPA

“Cindy organized my business on my computer in such a way that we are all much more efficient and effective! She taught me to make quick decisions about paper on my desk and in files.” – L. Klein – Pink Cadillac Director, Mary Kay

“I like Cindy’s direct approach. She has a way of seeing the overall picture which was very helpful for me, and she takes into account the visible aspect of organization and how important that is. I love the ‘slippies’.” – K. Rose, LMFT

“Cindy is fantastic! You know what you need when she gets to your office or house, and she zips you right through your organizational needs A+” – Jon Scott

“Within 3 hours of working with Cindy, my office was immaculate and organized. I work as an accountant in a CPA firm and we had just finished our tax and audit season. My desk and file drawers were a mess.” –  Jane Folger, Accountant for Anderson, Satuloff, Machado & Mendelsohn, CPAs