Clearing Clutter

piles man with stacked papersDo you have PROCRASTINITUS?  Most of us promise ourselves we’ll get to ‘that’ someday but that day never comes, and before long we’re buried in clutter.

This is what I call Pile Crisis Syndrome©. Here’s how it usually happens:


Clutter follows us into our cars, jobs, closets, desks, our relationships and every other area of our life – it sleeps quietly in background noise and undermines our thoughts. It undermines positive energy and causes stress that permeates our affairs from top to bottom. We look around and see the mess, the piles of paper, clothing, disarray, and feel overwhelming anxiety, fear and frustration. What do these feelings create? In most cases, denial, indecision and paralysis. In addition, some of us have the challenge of living with limited space. We’re out of closet, desk, drawer and cabinet space and square footage, so the piles start growing everywhere. It’s a common problem but often, quite solvable. There are actions we can take to bring balance and peace into our environment.

Practice and patience is the mantra. Just as we manifest chaos, we can manifest order. What we think is what we are. All that’s required is a change of attitude and a little discipline, and you too can have the confidence to clear the clutter and make space for a more productive environment.

There’s a caveat to all of this: If you don’t have a file cabinet, please do yourself a favor and get one, a good one, don’t compromise. It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Get one that’s well-built and has good drawer glides. Try them out and find one that feels good to you.  With a file cabinet, you will have a place to put all of those papers that are currently piled up on your desk.  If you have no place for things to go, then you’ve got no room to grow.  As Ben Franklin said “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Give your papers and things respect – give them a place to live and breathe.

Remember, getting organized is a continual process. Take it seriously and give yourself the lifestyle you deserve. For further information on how to create organizing and lifestyle systems that will decrease your stress and increase your productivity, contact Cindy Faith at or call 805.455.4577

8 Comments on “Clearing Clutter

  1. It’s true that you need to actively make time to sort through clutter; not having enough time is an excuse I sometimes find myself relying on, but when push comes to shove, nothing feels better than being organized!

  2. I love how you talk about the “cost” of having clutter, Cindy! I know how frustrated I get when I can’t find something I need. I always promise myself that I’m going to “clean-up” my act, and one of these days, I truly am! Procrastination and I have a long-standing relationship — in some areas.

  3. As a student, procrastination and I have a love/hate relationship. I often procrastinate when I know I shouldn’t but when I finally finish the task it is such a satisfying feeling. Thank you for motivating me to tackle procrastinitus.

  4. Procrastinitis can be hard to break, but man oh man, it’s so much more enjoyable once everything is done and put away! I like your excuses vs reality.

  5. Staying organized takes some time, but is SO worth it! I love being able to find those important papers when I need them. Thanks for sharing!

    • So true Linda and it doesn’t really take that much time if you set yourself up with systems and are willing to spend a few minutes a day to stay on top of things. Procrastinitis is usually the problem – I suffer from it myself!

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