Waste Not, Want Not*… Why Not?

I use mostly organic products and am ecologically conscious. There are so many scents and types of soap to choose from and I really like picking out special scents with good ingredients.  In other words, I spend a fair bit of bank on soap.  From an economical point of view, bars last a lot longer than liquid soap….

There are several issues with soap bars:

image1) When the soap is wet, it drips onto the soap dish and the next time you pick it up, it’s soggy.  A sponge underneath the soap takes care of that. I wash it regularly to keep it clean and use natural sponges from Trader Joe’s made in France.

2) When the bar gets small, there’s the ‘dilemma’ of what to do with the little that’s left. It’s still perfectly good but just shy of easily handling.

If you take smaller bars of soap and put them together, they will conform to each other and create a nice solid bar of soap. It actually looks pretty cool.

It’s easy to do and will make your soap last almost twice as long.

Waste Not, Want Not* … Why Not?image


*And of course, the quote is by none other than Sir Benjamin Franklin – I just love the guy!

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