Planning, that means IN ADVANCE

Yesterday, my client and friend gave her 30 minute Dissertation Defense – she is now officially a PdD!

My mission was to see to it that she have a clear head to focus on her presentation. I took care of all the little details including giving her a sign when there was 15 minutes left in the presentation, and then again when there was 5 minutes remaining. It’s usually awkward because I know when they see the sign, there is a good chance they’ll get distracted. She was right on target! She was well-rehearsed and did a stupendous job.

What I discovered is that every SINGLE detail is important. I knew I would be timing the defense but decided AT THE LAST MINUTE, to use the Blackberry’s timer feature (which I set to vibrate.) It was my FIRST TIME using the timer feature. Why I decided to do this at the eleventh hour, is beyond me. Must have been my ‘cocksuredness’ to think that I would KNOW how to! Well, the good news is that it worked. And what it taught me is about THINKING THINGS ENTIRELY THROUGH.

I will do even better next time!

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